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Math Tutoring

Is your student struggling in mathematics or is trying to excel? Join us for our math tutoring. Taught by Zoar Shteinbach, a mathematics major, or many of our honor roll staff. Your student will learn the basics and advanced portions of their math classes. We teach anybody from the first grade all the way to high school. Our math program will advance anyone and help achieve those high scores on exams and diplomas! 

We also help prepare your student for competitions such as the Math Kangaroo!

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Math Teacher

Math 1-9

Math 10

Math 20

Math 30

We offer one on one, or group learning both in person and virtual for the following levels:

Math 31

Math 31 AP

Math Contest Prep:


Want to get ready for the next semester?

Is your student ready for the next school year? Let us help by reviewing math for your Grade 5 - 12 students. Go over what was learnt over the year and begin working ahead on next years material early following the Alberta Education curriculum. We will be offering this as part of our summer classes. For more information and registration please let us know today!