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Mathematics centre for school students in Calgary

Helping students at all levels achieve their goals, whether it is to improve for the next exam or prepare for competitions.

Math help and skills development at Flying Minds Education Centre

 Math courses for students of all levels

Is your student struggling in mathematics or trying to excel? Join us for our math sessions. Taught by subject experts, your student will learn the basics and advanced portions of their math program. We teach anybody from the first grade all the way to high school. Our math program will advance anyone and help achieve those high scores on exams and diplomas!

We also offer a huge YouTube library with free lessons and problem solving examples for students to practice at home. This library is expanding weekly and will include the most important lectures from the Alberta math curriculum.

Classes are offered in person for our Calgary students or online for student living in other parts of the world.

What are our current courses?

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One on One Help

Our one on one tutoring gives your child immediate results when it is most needed. Often a bad grade can make students lose confidence and ambition. We at FlyingMinds understand that and want to help students regain confidence and give the best preparation possible for the next test or exam. Going over the material with a tutor can really make things click!

Math class


Learn math beyond school

The program is based on Singapore math, Russian math and University of Waterloo math circles
Taught by subject expert with combined experience over 14 years. The program helps students to develop critical thinking, to learn new concepts and prepares students for the next school year. 

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Math Kangaroo

Here we get students ready to test their skills against other young math geniuses across Canada. By working on as many tricky math problems as possible we build a foundation that will help your kids make it to the top. If your child is showing an interest in math or is an ambitious student looking for a challenge this is a great way to find out what he or she is capable of.

What will my child learn?

Enhances problem-solving abilities

Math teaches problem-solving skills that can be used to tackle problems in various fields, such as science, engineering, and technology.

Boosts creativity

Math requires creativity to come up with new and innovative ways to solve problems. It encourages individuals to think outside the box and explore new possibilities.

Improves decision making

Math involves making decisions based on data and calculations, which can help individuals make informed decisions in all areas of life, from personal finance to career planning.

Provides career opportunities

Math is essential for many careers, including finance, engineering, data analysis, and computer science. Learning math can open up a range of career opportunities.

Develops critical thinking skills

Math trains the brain to think logically and systematically, and to solve complex problems. This helps to develop critical thinking skills which can be applied in many areas of life.

Increases confidence

Math can be challenging, but mastering it can give individuals a sense of accomplishment and increase their self-confidence.

Why are our courses special?

Maths Class

About our courses

  • Proven track record of success - Flying Minds Education Centre has over 14 years of experience and have already helped hundreds of students. 

  • Taught by  - Our lessons are taught by professionals who deeply care about teaching, making the the learning experience effective and fun.

  • Personal Attention  - We customize our approach for each student’s individual needs by providing one-on-one guidance and instruction tailored specifically to them.

  • Comprehensive curriculum - Our program provides a comprehensive educational experience that covers all aspects of mathematics and goes even beyond high school math.

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