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Art Classes that go beyond School

Join and learn the techniques of famous painters and artists throughout history and create your own style!

Tuesday Fine Art


Thursday Fine Art
Ages 7-9: 5pm-6pm,

Ages 10-13: 6.30pm-7.30pm

More than just splashing colours!

Our Classes combine history, techniques and creativity and set you up for fun and success.

At our art class, we provide a dynamic and nurturing environment where young minds can explore their artistic talents and unleash their boundless creativity. Our experienced instructors guide students through a diverse range of engaging projects, helping them develop essential artistic skills while fostering self-expression and confidence.


With a curriculum tailored to each child's age and ability, our program ensures a seamless blend of fun and educational experiences. Join us in fostering a lifelong love for art while watching your child flourish. Sign up now to secure a spot in our transformative art class – a journey of imagination, discovery, and endless inspiration!

Individual Attention

Our classes are here to make students feel at home and unfold their creativity the way they want with the skills we teach. We have limited seats in our class to ensure every child gets to work individually as well as side by side our teachers.

Expert Teachers

Our instructors are not just individuals who studied art, but also have experience in the field and make a living with their creations. Be it digital, commissions, shows or even murals. They started expanding their skills at a young age, just like our students. 

Make an Impact

For our talented and long term students we offer bigger projects with opportunities to put their name out already! They will have a chance to be featured on our blog, design our center with our teachers, participate in mural projects or even volunteer to assist our art classes in our summer and winter camps.

This helps build a portfolio and give young artists a story to tell!


Basic Art-Kit List

Here are a few basic tools you will need for this class on a regular basis. All other materials and special equipment will be provided by the center for all students:

  • A4/Letter sized sketchbook

  • Set of drawing pencils

  • Black fine-liner pen

  • Eraser

  • Set of paintbrushes of different sizes

  • Palette knife

  • Acrylic paint - red, blue, yellow, black, white

  • Canvas pad

Please make sure to bring these every lesson in order to participate in all activities as well as a bottle of water to stay hydrated.

Develop Your Child's Artistic Side Today!

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