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Educational Camps for Calgary Students

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Day, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring Break Camps here in Calgary

A Camp with Educational Lego Challenges,  Strategy Games and more...

Register your students ages 5-12 for summer fun and education! Our program covers educational subjects in the STEM field plus Chess and Abacus while also providing a fun outdoor experience all in the same day!

We made sure to have a large spectrum of activities so everyone gets to try many unique games and activities all while expanding their horizon.

Our staff includes Alberta certified teachers and staff cadets from one of Calgary’s air cadets squadron. All staff members completed first aid trainings and police background checks. For your safety our team is also fully vaccinated.

Our day camp schedule is based on Calgary Board of Education and Calgary Catholic School District calendars.

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Arts and Crafts

This will usually take place in the later sections of the day, when kids might already get exhausted. This way they can let themselves go and show us their creativity. Expect origami, drawing, painting and sometimes science experiments.

Robotics and Coding

Based on the Lego Education curriculum. Campers 10 and up will have a chance to discover the possibilities of the Mindstorm platform while younger students will have the opportunity to explore the vast world of Lego Spike.

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Chess and Strategy Games

This is definitely a game with a clear winner. With chess kids can learn good sportsmanship by not giving up when in a losing position and winning with a humble attitude. We also teach that mistakes happen and we can try not to look away, and recognize a pattern when it is about to happen again. 

Outdoor Activities

Children have a lot of energy, especially during the holidays. With our outdoor space we provide a safe environment and help kids with playful exercises to make this this best summer/spring/winter possible. There might be water games involved so make sure to have extra clothing ready!

Logo of a ball outdoor games
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Group Games

Teamwork challenges are a must at this age so kids can learn that they are stronger together and help each other. These can be held indoors on rainy days as well.

Calgary camps for STEM and STEAM focused activities

Our Camp activities have a heavy focus on giving kids the freedom to explore and learn difficult concepts in a fun way. Kids of all levels are expected to work with their peers and teachers on projects as well as find ways to expand on their new found knowledge individually or on teams.


We a great mix of structured time and lessons as well as unstructured time that can be used for games or creative activities. This way kids can choose what subject sparks their interest the most and double down in that activity or simply take a break.

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The fun starts here!

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