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The Best Math Program Worldwide

Singapore Math is chosen by schools and teachers all across the world!

Learn Singapore Math at Flying Minds Education Centre

Establish a solid foundation for your child's problem-solving abilities at Flying Minds. We impart mathematical knowledge using the well-established principles and techniques of the Singapore Math Framework, precisely tailored to meet your child's educational needs.

Offer your child the chance to fully immerse themselves in the globally renowned, research-backed Singapore math curriculum.

Outstanding educational opportunities are provided to children and students, focusing on logical reasoning, problem-solving activities, robust visualization, and modeling skills.


Rooted in the Singapore Math curriculum, our instructors actively stimulate and inspire students, guiding them towards a profound comprehension of mathematical concepts and fresh insights through a distinctive teaching methodology.


This program is available during after-school hours and weekends, offering small class settings for both in-person and online instruction.

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Encourages problem-solving skills

Enhances mathematical literacy

Stimulates innovation

Mental resilience 

Connecting more dots

Faster thinking

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Problem-solving at its core, bolstered by five interconnected elements: Attitude, Metacognition, Processes, Concepts, and Skills. It stands as the world's foremost mathematical framework, widely embraced on a global scale. The Singapore Math Curriculum is designed to foster process-oriented thinking, cultivate persistence, encourage thoughtful reflection, and inspire children to delve into potential solutions.


In the context of Singaporean education, it is widely recognized that individuals may not inherently excel in mathematics, and it is discouraged to declare oneself as someone who is not inclined towards mathematics. Instead, it is emphasized that, through a suitable methodology and mindset, every child has the potential to cultivate creative thinking and acquire the skills necessary to engage with mathematical challenges using a problem-solving approach.

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