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Tutoring Help in our After School Study Hall

The Best Option for Continuous Support. 

Come and go anytime you need help!

Our Study Hall is open 16 hours a week!

Our study hall program provides students with a distraction free environment with our tutors next to you whenever you need help.


We believe in creating a nurturing environment where students can thrive and discover their true academic prowess.

Study hall hours are evenly spread throughout the week with a total of 16 hours you could attend. 

Monthly membership is required.

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Great if you get stuck studying sometimes!

Our distraction free environment with our tutors helping you is a great way to keep studying. Any questions will get answered on the spot which helps you maintain momentum and get more tasks done.

Come and go any time!

Sometimes it can get hard to schedule sessions in advance if you have a lot going on. Here you can just come and go any time during our study hall hours and not have to worry about skipping other activities. 

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Get your work done! Enjoy more free time!

Some students find it hard to focus in school, some find it hard at home. In our Study Hall you can study more effectively which leaves you with less time sitting at your desk trying to start work and more time for family, friends and hobbies!

Join our Study Hall for focused learning with extra help!

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