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Abacus Class
Tue 5pm

Abacus Class
Fri 4pm

Learn Abacus Flying Minds Education Centre

The abacus, an ancient counting device, has many advantages, particularly in mental arithmetic and mathematical comprehension. While it may have been largely replaced by digital devices in everyday use, its benefits in terms of mental math skills and mathematical understanding remain relevant. What are those benefits?

The mental calculation skills developed through the use of an abacus are particularly valuable. By visualizing and manipulating numbers in their minds, users can enhance their mental arithmetic speed and accuracy. This ability to perform calculations mentally can be advantageous in various situations where written or electronic aids may not be readily available or practical.


Furthermore, using an abacus requires concentration and focus, leading to improved attention and focus abilities. This increased focus can extend beyond mathematical tasks and have positive effects in other areas of life as well.


Encourages problem-solving skills

Enhances mathematical literacy

Stimulates innovation

Mental resilience 

Connecting more dots

Faster thinking

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Using an abacus also fosters perseverance and patience. Mastering the instrument and becoming proficient in mental calculations takes time and practice. By persisting through difficulties and setbacks, individuals can develop these valuable qualities, which are applicable to many aspects of life.


Moreover, abacus training can be a fun and engaging method of instruction, particularly for children. It offers a tangible and rewarding way to learn mathematics, allowing individuals to feel accomplished when they can mentally solve problems.


In conclusion, the abacus remains valuable tool for both children and adults in terms of mental math skills, mathematical comprehension, focus, concentration, and cognitive development who wish to enhance their numerical abilities.


There are few educational centres which offer abacus classes in Calgary. In our centre we offer abacus program beside other development and support programs for children from age 5 to 18.

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