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Jaswinder Kaur Sangha

Beginning of my teaching career:

Since childhood, I have the ability to affect others positively, especially the younger ones. I started tutoring when I was in the first year of my college, and then I realised my this potential for the very first time. Thus, teaching is my natural tendency which provides me a sense of utter satisfaction and abundant joy.

My teaching methodology:


As a teacher, I believe in imparting knowledge with practical values. I always emphasis the importance of learning new things and then incorporating them in our day-to-day life and emphasis on an understanding of concepts rather than cramming. That is the main reason I chose Mathematics and Science as my core teaching subjects. This goes without saying that analytical and reasoning skills which are necessary for the course of life come from Mathematics whereas Science describes the existence of us, our Earth and teaches us the way for a sustainable life.


Science/Math Teacher

  • Science

  • Mathematics

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