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Elena Dukova

My teaching career:

In 2000 I graduated from Perm State University as a teacher of Russian language and literature.  After graduation, I joined the public school system. In addition to my day job as a school teacher, I also worked as a tutor preparing hundreds of graduate students for admissions to their selected universities; especially those with strong emphasis on humanities and social studies. 

In 2010 I joined the Kanis-Therapy Project for disabled and homeless children. I also volunteered at a library with a dog-reading project for children. 

I moved to Canada in 2020 and can call this beautiful country home now.

What distinguishes my work and process from other teachers?

In working with children, I have created my own program for the development of speech and creative abilities with the use of Montessori principles and individual approach. The best way to study anything is through play. I try turning classes into a game. I write fairy tales for children and teach them to create their own little stories. This helps them feel the Russian language and make learning more focussed, more interesting.

I strongly believe in the importance of preserving our cultural roots and heritage regardless of where we choose to live.  Language is undoubtedly the most important part of this preservation process.

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Russian Teacher

  • Russian language

  • Literature

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