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Math Summer School for Math 1-12

Giving parents and students the peace of mind they need for the next school year!

Get more out of your Study time and enjoy more Summer!

Don't waste time! Study hard and enjoy more free time knowing you did!

With summer right on our doorstep, two months of excitement and adventure await! It's the perfect time to unwind, bid farewell to schoolwork, and create lasting memories with friends. However, this extended break can inadvertently affect a child's preparedness for the upcoming grade, as the absence of structured classes and homework may lead to a loss of momentum.


That's where FlyingMinds comes in. We're thrilled to present our exclusive summer math program, available from July to August for students ranging from grade 1 to 12. While participation is optional, our program offers a host of compelling benefits that your child won't want to miss out on.

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Reviews and Catch-ups

Reviewing last year's math material before the next school year offers valuable benefits. It helps reinforce foundational concepts and ensures a smooth transition, building confidence and setting the stage for academic success.

Improved Understanding

Developing a deeper understanding of formulas and methods in math unlocks a world of benefits. It enhances problem-solving skills, enabling students to approach complex mathematical problems with confidence and creativity, while also laying a solid foundation for advanced mathematical concepts and future academic pursuits.

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Working Ahead of your Peers

Working ahead of your peers for the next school year comes with distinct advantages. It allows students to delve deeper into the subject matter, grasp advanced concepts early on, and gain a competitive edge, fostering a sense of achievement and preparedness as they excel in their studies.

Let's get ready for next schoolyear!

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