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Zoar Shteinbach

My journey as a father:

For the last 16 years, watching my son grow I realized that our children completely depend on us and in many cases, we can’t control them. Maybe we shouldn’t control them. After all we are trying to raise independent, contributing members of society. To become such a member they must learn one quality – responsibility and the rest will come with it.

What I learned in the last 17 years is that my responsibility is not to tell my son what to do but to help him find his own path. Of course as good parents we should advise our children to acquire knowledge. Because knowledge helps us ask the right questions and find answers. Knowledge helps us survive in hard times.

In fact, in all times. With knowledge comes respect. Knowledge helps us to understand processes and be ready for any storm that life can bring into our lives. Knowledge is training for our brain which needs to be trained just like any other organ in our body. Knowledge helps us form our own opinion based on what we learn.

Mathematics is one of the tools that helps us learn how to build the right questions. If we are able to answer these questions, we will find the solution to any problem. In other words, mathematics is a tool that helps us develop critical thinking which we so much need in our lives.


Mathematics Instructor

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