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Alexa Rogers

My 3D design and printing passion:

It all started as a part of my main hobby – cosplay costumes design and construction. I used to buy 3d printed parts of costumes online and one day I thought it would be so much fun to try to make it myself. It was a long, very exciting and sometimes difficult journey on the way to mastering 3d printing: discovering different devices that are in the market now, tons of different materials, software and upgrades.


After I got a good grasp of all the sides of the process, I started to help those who were just getting started as I remembered how overwhelming and complicated it appeared to me in the beginning. I shared my experience and skills in various online communities and then I came up with an idea of introducing kids to that exciting hobby.

I started to teach kids the basics during summer camp sessions in Flying Minds and then came up with a solid semester long program for the whole course.

Teaching kids:


On my way to mastering 3d printing and design I couldn’t stop thinking that it would be so cool if I had an opportunity to learn those skills as a kid. During summer camp sessions I saw a lot of interest and excitement among kids, and I was very happy to be able to share this new technology with them.

I find kids always to be naturally very curious and open to new knowledge, technologies and ideas. I love working with them and see them growing.


I am always very excited to see their progress from just a basic understanding of new processed to generating absolutely new and fascinating ideas of their own.


3D Printing Instructor

  • 3D Print and Design

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