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• Schedule for our group classes available on our website
• Private lessons are scheduled on individual basis.
• The monthly tuition is due in advance. For example, October’s monthly tuition is due before the end of September.
• The monthly tuition is due in full if the student attends drop-in sessions or prep courses.
• Private tutoring sessions are paid in advance, based on the number of sessions per month.
• Payments can be made by e-transfer to, or cheques, or cash.
• If payment is not received by the 10th business day of each month the enrollment will be canceled.
• If a student missed a private session without 24 hours notice, then 50% of the fee will be held by the center. The remaining
50% will be credited to the following month.
• If a student missed a group class, we cannot freeze or carry over missed class to another session.
• All purchased classes packages must be completed within the designated period. No exceptions.
• We do not refund, or discount missed group classes.
• To get pro-rated refund, 15 days’ notice must be given.
• Flying minds is not a day-care center and cannot provide childcare services. Parents and guardians are advised that each child’s
study session varies in length depending on the program chosen. If in parent/guardian consideration the child is not old enough
to go to and from the center on his/her own, it is in the parent/guardian’s responsibility to assure the child’s arrival and
departure. Flying minds center is not responsible for ensuring that any child stays on the premises.
• The parent/guardian shall be liable for any damages and injuries caused by their child to another person and the
parent/guardian agrees to hold harmless, defend, and indemnify Flying minds and its instructors. Flying minds and its
instructors are not liable for any students outside the center facility before student enters or after the student leaves the center.
• To ensure safety of our students and staff CCTV cameras are installed in the center. Access to the records can be provided to
parent/guardians if they have any concerns about the safety of their child while in the center.
• CCTV is not connected to the internet and all data stored internally in the center.
Tips to be more effective at learning
• Attend each scheduled session.
• Study daily.
• Come to classes prepared.
• Ask questions.
• Be proactive and curious.
• Be respectful of other students
• Don’t use gadgets at any session (including cell phones).
Photo release
• By signing this form, you AGREE / DO NOT AGREE (let us know if not) to give permission to Flying Minds Educational Centre to take photos/videos of your student during the classes to be featured on our website and blog, social media channels (Facebook, Instagram,
YouTube) and/or any advertising materials of the center. All material will be used with respect and we are happy to show parents and families their students progress this way. 

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