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5 Activities and Ideas to Try with your Kids this Summer (or at Summer Camp)

We have collected a variety of Ideas for you to try out from our Summer Camp activities! Your kids will definitely have a blast doing these with you, but if you don't have the time or equipment feel free to step by Flying Minds.

Here are the 5 Activates: 1. Lego Robotics: Where Learning Meets Play

In the Lego Robotics activities, kids get to explore the world of programming and coding in a playful and hands-on way. Using Lego pieces, they build their own robots and then program them to perform various tasks and challenges. Not only do they learn essential STEM skills, but they also get to see their creations come to life! It's a fantastic opportunity for your kids to exercise their creativity while developing their problem-solving abilities.

2. The Egg Drop Challenge: Science Meets Creativity

In the Egg Drop Challenge, kids are faced with the task of reinforcing an egg using limited materials such as straws, rope, and paper. Their mission is to create a protective structure for the egg to prevent it from cracking upon being dropped. Not only do they have loads of fun in this hands-on activity, but they also learn about scientific concepts like shock absorption and air resistance. It's an engaging way for your kids to understand real-world applications of science principles.

3. Sparkling Slime Fun: Making Slime at Home (or Summer Camp)

What kid doesn't love playing with slime? At Flying Minds Summer Camp, children get to make their own colorful and sparkling slime from borax. They not only enjoy the tactile experience of creating the slime but also take home a fun keepsake from the camp. It's a chance for your kids to indulge in some creative mess-making and have a ball of a time!

4. Fascinating 3D Printing: Unleashing Creativity

3D printing is the future, and at Flying Minds Education Centre, kids get to explore this cutting-edge technology hands-on. From setting up the printers to adjusting the settings for individual prints, children are introduced to the basics of 3D printing. One of the highlights was 3D printing an entire Pokémon chess set! The fascination and wonder in their eyes as their creations materialized were truly heartwarming.

5. Viking Chess: An Outdoor Group Game to Remember

Kids absolutely loved the outdoor group game "Viking Chess," and we're sure yours will too! This exciting and strategic game challenges their tactical skills and teamwork, all while they enjoy the great outdoors. It's a perfect way for kids to make new friends and create lasting memories during the summer camp. It borrows from an already popular game called "Bocce" but adds a little twist. With just 10 pawns, 6 throwing sticks and 1 king every game is different and fun every time!

Definitely try these this Summer, and if you don't have time don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to spark your kids' imaginations and curiosity at Flying Minds Summer Camp. With a perfect blend of learning and fun, your kids are sure to have a memorable and enriching summer experience! Sign ups are OPEN all summer long!

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