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closeup of person of color moving a white pawn in a chess game

Your Chess Club in the South of Calgary!

Ready for a real challenge? Maybe something that will help you in every day life as well? Then this is for you!

  • Problem solving
  • Abstract reasoning
  • Calmness under pressure
  • Patience
  • Sportsmanship
  • Creative thinking
  • Pattern recognition
  • Strategic thinking

All of these skills can be awakened or developed with chess. Classes are taught by competitive chess players to provide the best education. Our coaches have experience playing in online and in-person tournaments and can also open this door of opportunity for their students!

greyscale two girls playing chess in a tournament with coach and teacher and other kids in the blury backround
icon representing a pawn chess piece

Learning the basics. How do my pieces move and where are they strongest/weakest? What are the special moves and how do I promote? How do I close out a game and many more questions.

icon representing a knight which looks like a horse chess piece

This is where the real fun begins! At this stage we learn about the most common endgames and tactics as well as basic opening theory. The most frequent tricks and traps are also introduced here. As a bonus we also practice chess notation and how to solve puzzles; Mate in 2 and mate in 3 mostly.

icon showing a king chess piece

Refine your skills by solving more difficult puzzles and learning your first opening. Start thinking many moves ahead and preparing your pieces early on for a much later attack. We start to use the tactics and traps we learned as an intermediate player every game and develop a strategy!

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