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Samantha Tuer

My journey to becoming an English teacher:

My journey to becoming an English teacher started when I was very young. I grew up with a mother who immigrated to Canada and a family who spoke Italian all the time. I was very aware of how hard my grandparents worked to communicate with me and my cousins in English. I had to learn to read body language, facial expressions, and be clear with my communication skills. This led to my in-depth study of all aspects of English in high school taking literature, writer's craft, and media literacy courses on top of the core English class. 

Teaching kids and adults:


My first classroom teaching job was in Brooks, AB teaching English as a Second Language and Academic English in the local high school.

I have proudly helped many Canadian-born and newcomer students find success in the English language. I have also been involved in a program called A.B.L.E (Adult Basic Literacy Education), which offered 1:1 tutoring for newcomer adults to gain confidence in using the English language, engage in daily activities, and prepare for IELTS (International English Language Testing Systems).


ELA Teacher

  • English Language Art

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