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These Calgary kids were pulling ahead of their peers this spring! And they Loved it!

This year's spring camp was a hit with kids and parents alike, with a variety of activities to keep young minds engaged and entertained.

Robotics and Coding

One of the most popular activities was the Lego Robotics program, led by Zoar. Kids were able to use their creativity and problem-solving skills to design and build their own robots using Lego pieces. They then programmed the robots to complete various challenges and tasks, learning valuable coding and engineering skills along the way. It was amazing to see the kids' imaginations come to life as they built their own working machines!

Chess Classes

In addition to the Lego Robotics program, kids also had the opportunity to learn chess with John. The lessons were engaging and interactive, teaching kids strategy and critical thinking skills while also having fun with the game. Outdoor group games were also a highlight of the camp, with kids playing games like the floor is lava, tag and Viking-Chess all while enjoying the fresh air getting some exercise.

Creative Challenges

For those with a creative side, the Origami and art sessions were a big hit. Kids learned how to make various origami shapes and creatures, and got to flex their artistic skills with drawing and painting activities. Drawing Easter eggs with the help of spinning robots, sculpting clay Pokémon figures, having a paper air plane contest and making very old looking treasure maps.

Overall, the spring camp at Flying Minds Education Centre was a fantastic opportunity for kids to explore and learn new things, all while having fun with their friends. They were able to engage in a variety of activities and come up with creative inventions, all while learning valuable skills that will serve them well in the future.

So if you're looking for a great camp experience for your kids during the Summer holidays, be sure to check out the Flying Minds Education Centre at Lake Bonavista. Most kids don't even want to go home after a day at the camp.

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