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Winter Camp 2023 with a focus on robotics and chess

The Flying Minds winter camp was an unforgettable Experience!

This winter, a group of kids had the opportunity to experience the ultimate winter camp at the Flying Minds center. The camp featured a wide variety of activities, including robotics, chess, art, group games, and outdoor activities in the snow and playground.

The kids had an amazing time learning new skills and making new friends. They were thrilled to dive into the world of robotics and learn how to code and build their own robots. They also had a blast playing chess and learning new strategies to outsmart their opponents.

In addition to the more technical activities, the campers also had the chance to explore their creative side through art. They were able to let their imaginations run wild and create some truly beautiful and unique pieces as well as get a hang of the basics of origami.

But it wasn't all about sitting indoors all day, the kids also got to enjoy some fun outdoor activities such as building "the floor is lava" games, playing soccer, and building small ice sculptures. This was a great way for them to get some exercise and fresh air while having a blast.

The group games were also a big hit, with the kids laughing and having a great time as they worked together to complete challenges and overcome obstacles.

As the camp came to an end, the kids didn't want to leave. They had made lasting memories and friendships and were already looking forward to the next Flying Minds summer camp.

Overall, the Flying Minds winter camp was a huge success. The kids had an amazing time and learned a lot of new skills. They were able to explore their interests and passions in a fun and engaging way, and they left the camp feeling inspired and confident.

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