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TOP 3 Exciting Summer Activities for Tech-Savvy Kids in Calgary

Summer is the perfect time for kids to explore new interests, develop skills, and have fun. For tech-savvy kids who are curious and inventive, Calgary offers a plethora of engaging activities that cater to their passion for technology and creativity. Here are three fantastic activities for kids ages 6 to 12 to enjoy this summer: 3. Calgary Escape Rooms

For those who love puzzles and adventure, Calgary's escape rooms offer an exciting way to spend the day. Escape rooms are themed challenges where participants must solve a series of puzzles to "escape" a locked room within a set time limit. Some great options for kids include:

  • Escape Hour: This venue offers family-friendly escape rooms with varying difficulty levels, ensuring a fun experience for younger children and teens alike. LINK:

  • The Locked Room: Known for its immersive themes and engaging storylines, The Locked Room provides a thrilling experience where kids can use their problem-solving and teamwork skills to uncover clues and solve mysteries. LINK:

Escape rooms are an excellent way for kids to enhance their critical thinking, teamwork, and creativity while having a blast.

2. TELUS Spark Science Centre

For a day full of exploration and learning, visit the TELUS Spark Science Centre. This interactive science museum offers numerous exhibits and activities that captivate the minds of young tech enthusiasts. Highlights include:

  • Creative Kids Museum: Designed specifically for children, this area allows kids to engage in hands-on activities that promote creativity and problem-solving skills.

  • Digital Zone: Kids can experiment with digital technology, from coding simple programs to exploring virtual reality.

  • The Brainasium Outdoor Park: An outdoor playground with a scientific twist, featuring a giant maze, climbing structures, and a zipline, all designed to teach kids about physics and engineering.

TELUS Spark provides a fun and educational experience where kids can explore the wonders of science and technology in an interactive environment. LINK:

1. Flying Minds Education Center: Immersive Lego Robotics and 3D Printing Course

At the Flying Minds Education Center, we are thrilled to offer our immersive Lego Robotics and 3D Printing course. This hands-on program is perfect for young inventors eager to learn the basics of engineering and robotics. Kids will:

  • Build and Program Robots: Using Lego robotics kits, children will construct their own robots and program them to perform various tasks.

  • Explore 3D Printing: Kids will get a chance to design and create their own 3D printed objects, bringing their digital creations to life.

  • Engage in Challenges: Participants can test their skills by completing fun and exciting challenges, either individually or in teams, fostering a spirit of healthy competition and collaboration.

This course not only introduces kids to the fundamentals of technology but also encourages them to think critically and creatively, preparing them for future technological endeavors.


Calgary is brimming with exciting activities for tech-savvy kids who love to explore and invent. Whether it's building robots and 3D printing at Flying Minds Education Center, diving into the world of science at TELUS Spark, or solving puzzles in escape rooms, there's no shortage of fun and educational experiences to be had this summer. Encourage your kids to embrace their curiosity and creativity, and watch as they discover new passions and skills along the way!

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