Kids in Technology Class with lego mindstorm robot

Bringing young students closer to the future!

We help get the next generation ready for our future and introduce them to what might be an essential skill everybody should know very soon.

  • Teamwork
  • Programing and math
  • Solving complex problems
  • Creative thinking
  • Active Learning
  • Communication skills
  • Technology design
  • Fun, hands-on activities

100 years ago robots were just a dream for humanity, today it is our reality.

The world keeps changing faster than ever and today we can see robots not only at all manufactory facilities, but in our homes as well. More and more every day activities and jobs are being replaced by robots and human-like robots are already in the works.

Kids robot lego mindstorm spike

Our robotics classes are based on the current Lego education curriculum and the Mindstorm Platform.

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