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Teacher helping student study at flyingminds tutoring centre
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Education, Classes and Activities for Students

Find your Subject and Get Started.

calculator icon with display and division, times, plus and minus symbol


Math is taught almost the same in every school. But at Flying Minds Educational Centre we can help you understand things in a way that is best for you.

speachbubble icon with 3 lines representing text inside


Learning a new language can be overwhelming sometimes, but our native speakers can guide you step by step.

atom icon for science chemistry and phisics


Biology, chemistry and physics! Here you get to study with university students who are ready to teach you what they know.

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chess rook icon represented by a castle tower


Learn critical thinking, decision making and sportsmanship as well as practicing against other students to test your skills.

very simple human looking robot icon for robotics


Learn the basics and progress until you are able to create your own inventions. Based on the Lego Education curriculum. 



A way to recover and express creativity after all the hard thinking. Kids will playfully learn to expand their horizon in weekend workshops.

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